Tactical Advantage ETF

Pursuing Steady Growth
in Unsteady Markets

An actively managed ETF providing exposure to stock market growth while seeking to mitigate the risk of major market declines.

How To Utilize Tactical Advantage

Tactical Advantage (NYSE: FDAT) believes the greatest probability to help maximize your returns is by seeking to minimize investment declines.

Tactical Solution

Goal-based investors may benefit from our actively managed ETF, that is designed to focus on long-term growth while simultaneously seeking to minimize the impact of market drawdowns.  We believe this dual mandate investment strategy provides the greatest opportunity for goals-based investors to achieve their desired objectives.

Portfolio Diversification

Suited for investors who want a cost-effective and efficient way to diversify their existing portfolio with strategies providing an alternative to the traditional 60/40 constructed portfolio. Diversification does not assure a profit; however, it can potentially generate a more balanced and resilient portfolio.
Low Volatility Investment ETF

Proactive Risk Management

Investors who want to benefit from staying invested for the long term yet would appreciate an investment option that also seeks to minimize stock market volatility.

About The Fund

FDAT believes pursuing growth opportunities while navigating risk is the key to maximizing success. Explore the fund's benefits today.
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